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HR Tools

Measurement is the key to improvement

We work with you using a range of tools founded in extensive research on Australasian businesses to measure and improve your performance

HR Tools: Services

STAR Workplace Program

Become a High Performing Business

Analyse and unlock the value of your people across 5 dimensions to Drive Performance



Understand and cultivate your business culture

Employee and management culture are lead indicators of business performance. Measure your business culture and take action to cultivate it for improved performance.


Free Business Health Check

Identify your growth, management and risk areas so you can make informed plans for minimising risk and maximising sustainability

Our business health check gives you the information you need to take positive action towards improved performance

Healthcare Worker

Career Monitor

Understand what makes your key employees tick before they think about leaving

Career Monitor identifies the needs and motivations of individual employees enabling you to tailor your approach with them and retain your key talent

Business Meeting
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