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HR Processes and Systems

Ensure compliance and consistent results

How do you know what risk your people pose to your business? We have the expertise, processes and systems to help you rest easy.

Our wholistic and tailored approach to attracting, managing and retaining the right people for your business minimises risk, produces reliable outcomes and lays the foundation for sustainable growth.​

HR Processes and Systems: Services

Getting the Right Employees

Attracting and recruiting the best employees from the market

Great employees are the at the heart of any successful business and are always hard to find. People Management Partners will work with you to embed systems and processes that promote your business as a great place to work,  attract the right candidates and reliably select the best employees to join your business.

We can provide 

  • Employer Branding

  • Ad campaigns

  • Position descriptions

  • Information packs

  • Interview Guides

  • Psychometric testing

  • Candidate selection

  • Onboarding of new employees

HR Processes and Systems: Welcome

Boosting Accountability and Performance

Performance Management System

People Management Partners provides Performance Management Systems, training and coaching so that business owners and their team members know what they should be working on and how to measure success. Employee accountability and performance is boosted through a structured process and performance coaching from their manager.

HR Processes and Systems: About Us

Working on the Right Things

Design your Team Structure

Do you feel like you have to run everything in your business all the time? People Management Partners will work with you to break your vision and business plans down into manageable chunks so you can step back from the detail and focus on running your business.
Designing your team structures and position descriptions to provide focus, flexibility and agility provides the practical foundation to implementing your plans through your people.

HR Processes and Systems: About Us
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